Calendar of Events


Jan 3 Wed Zendo reopens for 2024
Jan 7, 14, 28 Sun(s) Book Study
Jan 21 Sun Beginner's Retreat
Feb 4 Sun Sangha Meeting
Feb 18, 25 Sun(s) Book Study
Mar 3 Sun Half-Day Sitting
Mar 17, 24 Sun(s) Zen and the Art of Ceramics (2-Sunday series)
Apr 5-7 Fri-Sun Buddha's Birthday Sesshin
Apr 28 Sun Sangha Meeting
May 5 Sun Beginner's Retreat
May 24-27   Closed Memorial Day Weekend
June 2 Sun One-Day Sitting
June 19 Wed Summer Bodhisattva Ceremony
June 28-30 Fri-Sun Yard Sale
July 4-7   Closed Fourth of July Weekend
July 22-26 Mon-Fri Friendship Mountain Youth Camp
Aug 4 Sun Sangha Meeting
Aug 30-Sept 2   Closed Labor Day Weekend
Sept 13-22   10-Day Practice Period
       Sept 18          Autumn Bodhisattva Ceremony
       Sept 20-22          Three-Day Sesshin
Oct 6 Sun Beginner's Retreat
Oct 20, 27 Sun(s) Zen and the Art of Ceramics (2-Sunday series)
Oct 30 Wed Segaki Ceremony
Nov 10 Sun Samu Sunday
Nov 17 Sun Sangha Meeting
Nov 27-Dec 1   Closed Thanksgiving Weekend
Dec 8-14 Sun-Sat Seven-Day Rohatsu Sesshin
Dec 18 Wed Winter Bodhisattva Ceremony
Dec 21 Sat Sangha Christmas Party
Dec 22-Jan 4   Closed Winter Break



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