Due to the Omicron surge all zendo activities will be on Zoom for the rest of January. Also, for the rest of January samu will be only outdoors.


Why are we taking this step? Because we practice together within a tradition that cultivates our Bodhisattva spirit. This is the spirit of living in harmony because we are all, in a very real way, connected. I am “me” because of “we.” There is no “me” without “we.” The teaching of Indra’s Net reminds us of our true place; that the entire universe is family. Each of us a bright jewel reflecting the entirety of creation.


Our Bodhisattva vow is: Beings are numberless; I vow to free them.


Dogen teaches that “All being is Buddha nature.” A vow to free Buddha nature is a vow to uncover our eyes. To accept that we is Buddha nature reflected in everything.


A vow to free Buddha nature is a vow to release our grip on our little self so that our hands are free right here and now to find an appropriate response. To free the thousand hands of the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Free those hands to respond appropriately.


Appropriate response is unlimited. It is astonishing creativity arising in the muck of delusion, right here in this world of opposition, judgement and deliberation. Right here in the cyclones of emotion. Right here in the sticky tar of our personal story.


Every choice impacts the whole of creation. Some impacts are a simple straight line, others are a curve. All are reflected in every bright jewel of Indra’s net.


What does that look like in the time of COVID? How can we be Omicron Bodhisattvas?


At this time the most important thing we can do as a sangha is reduce the risk of transmission of COVID. The hospitals in Jackson and Josephine Counties are 93% full. The risk of serious illness and death is present for everyone, even those who are fully vaccinated and boosted.


Please be well, Omicron Bodhisattvas!  We will revisit our zendo policy at the end of January. Until then, join us on Zoom.


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Kigetsu Ramana Waymire


January 14, 2022

Ashland Zen Center





Welcome to Ashland Zen Center. We practice Soto Zen Buddhism in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, the author of “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.” This tradition stretches back over two thousand years.

Zen Buddhism is grounded in the daily practice of zazen meditation and nourishes awakening in everyday life and within relationships. Maintaining a garden, working, cooking, raising children — these activities are the rich field of Zen practice.

Discover what Zen Buddhism is by directly experiencing zazen for yourself. Show up in the community (sangha) and see what happens. People join our sangha from all faith traditions and all walks of life. Everyone is welcome.


We are located at 740 Tolman Creek Road in Ashland.


Vaccination and masking are required for in-person practice.


May all beings live in safety and be free from suffering.



Zazen Instruction

Zazen Instruction is offered on Wednesday evenings at 6:20 p.m.



Zazen Instruction in-person for vaccinated newcomers is offered by sangha members who have been sitting zazen for several years and wish to welcome you into the zendo. Offered on Wednesday nights before the scheduled evening zazen begins. Instruction is offered from 6:20-7:00 p.m. and then newcomers are invited to join the sangha for zazen, service and the dharma talk that evening. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.


This is offered free of charge but donations are gratefully accepted. Your donation helps maintain the Buddha Way and pays forward the opportunity for others to receive zazen instruction in the future.


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