Five Basic Forms Used at Ashland Zen Center


"Bow of Gratitude"

Palms together, finger tips even with nose; Used to enter/exit the zendo, bow to cushions, bow to each other.



Posture for Standing/Walking in the zendo

Called "holding onto the pillar of zen"; Left hand wrapped around thumb, right hand wrapped around left hand with right thumb on top of left thumb.



Sitting Meditation

Leg Positions: seiza, Burmese, lotus, bench, chair;
Tripod: knees supported, sit on edge of zafu;
Posture: straight back, chin pulled in, nose in line with navel, ears in line with shoulders; Eyes open and relaxed;
Cosmic Mudra: hands form oval with thumbs barely touching;
Breath: through nose, natural, count (1-10) on exhales.

Full description of the "Art of Zazen".



Walking Meditation

Shashu posture; Walk in rhythm of breath. Start with left foot, using half steps for balance; Take step with each inhalation.


Formal Bow

During Service... "Laying down the ego, raising Buddha Nature"

Start in gassho, kneel down touching forhead to floor; Open palms above ears; lower hands to floor; rise and stand 

Ashland Zen Center has cancelled in-person events until further notice. We open our virtual zendo for daily zazen on June 1.


We encourage you to reach out for support when you need it.


May all beings live in safety and be free from suffering.


















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