ZOOM... at Home in the Zendo

via Zoom (Summer/Fall in person outdoor on Sundays)

At Home in the Zendo via Zoom


You are showing up to support the practice of all beings.


Your sitting place is set aside from other activities, and is free from distractions.


If you are new to the zoom zendo, the zendo meeting ID is 541 552 1175. The password is available from the Ino. Click in up to ten minutes before the scheduled start to the period of zazen. You will hear the han and have the opportunity to get settled before the zazen bell rings. Keep your mic on mute. Sit facing the wall or in profile from your screen. You do not need to watch your screen or the clock during zazen. Listen for the sounds of the zendo.


When the bell rings after zazen in the morning, keep your mic muted and chant the Robe Chant with the priest in the zendo. Then follow along with service, bowing with the bells and chanting the Heart Sutra or the Metta Sutta. The words to the chants will be in the Zoom "chat" or you can download them below. You will need enough space to either do standing bows or full prostrations during service.


After the final bell of service, we will bow out. On Thursday mornings, leave the meeting and return at 7:15 with a cup of coffee or tea to discuss the weekly Encouraging Words and share social time.


Download the Sutras here:


The Robe Chant
Robe Chant.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.8 KB]
The Heart Sutra and Metta Sutta
Adobe Acrobat document [86.2 KB]

Weekday Mornings


Monday - Friday


6:00 am zazen
6:40 am Robe Chant

              Service - Heart Sutra


Weekends and Evenings



8:00 am zazen

8:40 am service




Wednesday Eve

7:10 pm zazen
7:40 pm service - Metta Sutta


Scroll down for in-person Covid-19 information


IN-PERSON ZAZEN  Outside on Sundays


Covid-19 Safety

  • Do not come to Ashland Zen Center if you feel sick.
  • To join our schedule in person maintain six feet social distance at all times.
  • Wear a mask at all times, except when seated in a socially distanced designated spot for zazen and service.

Details about In-Person Zazen

  • Be early and unhurried rather than ‘just on time,’ for everyone’s benefit.
  • The open-air zendo is behind the barn.
  • Each of the available spots in the open-air zendo will have a disinfected sutra book and chair.
  • You can bring and set up your own sitting cushions or bench if you wish.
  • If the chairs are full when you arrive, find a spot in the gardens nearby in a place you are able to maintain social distance.


Weekday Mornings

Monday - Thursday Friday

6:00 am zazen
6:40 am kinhin
6:50 am zazen
7:30 am service
7:40 am breakfast ($3)
8:30 am break
9:00 am samu
12:00 pm lunch ($3)


6:00 am zazen
6:40 am kinhin
6:50 am zazen
7:30 am service






Weekends and Evenings  
Sunday Wednesday Eve

8:00 am zazen
8:40 am kinhin
8:50 am zazen
9:30 am service
10:00 am soji
10:30 am potluck


6:30 pm beginner’s introduction learn
7:10 pm zazen
7:40 pm service
7:50 pm dharma talk
8:20 pm tea and treat
8:40 pm cleanup


A good guideline is to be seated at least 5 minutes before the first period is scheduled to begin in the morning. Arriving 10 minutes early allows you to settle without hurry.


At the beginning and end of kinhin, the door will be opened briefly. Some leave at this time to go to work, family, school or other obligations. Kinhin is also a time to use the bathroom.


If you come to Ashland Zen Center and like what you experience, help pay it forward to the next person who comes through the door. There is a wooden donation box on the wall in the entry room, if you feel moved to give.






May all beings live in safety and be free from suffering.


















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