Practicing during the Coronavirus

Sunday Practice Outdoors

8:00 am zazen

8:40 am service

You are invited to in-person zazen and service on Sundays at the Zen Center, outdoors and socially distanced. Arrive early. The open-air zendo is behind the barn.


Each of the spots in the open-air zendo will have a disinfected sutra book and chair. If the chairs are full when you arrive, find a spot in the gardens nearby in a place you are able to maintain social distance.

Read on for details and Covid safety announcements.


Covid-19 Safety

  • Do not come to Ashland Zen Center if you feel sick.
  • Maintain six feet of social distance at all times.
  • Wear a mask at all times, except when seated in a socially distanced designated spot for zazen and service.


Details about In-Person Zazen

  • Be early and unhurried rather than ‘just on time,’ for everyone’s benefit.
  • The open-air zendo is behind the barn.
  • Each of the available spots in the open-air zendo will have a disinfected sutra book and chair.
  • If the chairs are full when you arrive, find a spot in the gardens nearby in a place you are able to maintain social distance.
  • Do not hesitate to reach out. Ask questions. Contact the Ino regarding in-person zazen practice.

Care for Our Dharma Home: Samu

Monday - Thursday

9:30 am - 11:30 a.m.

Easily maintain social distance in the fresh air, practicing generous action while caring for plants, weeds, blossoms, vegetables, tools, wood, and other beings. The shisui (work leader) and the gardener welcome you to find an expression of community spirit and wholesome effort. Especially now, it is uplifting to be together.


Shinkyoho Rachel Contact the Shisui

Distance practice

Join us in the zendo from home

 Zoom Zendo

Takes place connected through your phone, tablet or computer. Sit facing a direction that is comfortable to you; you do not need to watch your screen or the clock. The han begins ten minutes before zazen. Join early to settle before the bell rings. Zendo bells will begin and end zazen.

New? Introduction to Zen Buddhist Practice

Offered on Saturday, usually the First Saturday of the Month at 10:00 am

Next offered October 3rd

During our closure if you wish to begin a home sitting practice or receive an introduction to Zen Buddhist meditation via Zoom, we are here for you. This is by request and offered first come first serve. Fill out the request form if you wish to be introduced to our practice. Inquire by 5:00 pm the day prior.  We look forward to meeting you.


The request form can be found on our Joining the Sangha and For Beginners web pages.

Encouraging Words

Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page

Every Wednesday a dharma offering is made to encourage our practice during the covid-19 pandemic. As Etsudo Patty Sensei teaches, we practice alone, together, alone.

We could all use some encouragement now. Some past encouraging words:


Just Respond Appropriately - Kigetsu Ramana

Mindfulness, Ritual and Resilience - Jikishi Leslie

By Moment Moment: verses on understanding each other - Tendo Stacy

A Murmuration of Starlings - Etsuho Barbara

Instead of Criticizing, Find Out How to Help - Kigetsu Ramana

The Empty Room - Ninsho Eileen

Online Practice During a Pandemic  - Zennen Leslie

Intimacy and Zen - Jiki Shi Leslie

buddha meeting Buddha - Shinkyoho Rachel

Teaching Loving Kindness - Tendo Stacy

Thank You Very Much I Have No Complaints Whatsoever - Kigetsu Ramana

Opening Our Hearts To Each Other is the Wise Thing To Do - Tendo Stacy

What is Happening Now - Etsuho Barbara

Being Time in the Time of Coronavirus - Kigetsu Ramana

A Day in the Life - Tendo Stacy

The Inter-Net (Indra's Net) Kigetsu Ramana

What is This? - Tendo Stacy

Life is Freely Expressing Itself as You - Kigetsu Ramana

Practicing With COVID-19 - Dakudo Mike

What Are We Doing? - Tendo Stacy

Find The Heart to Practice - Kigetsu Ramana


Dharma Brew

Thursdays at 7:15 a.m.

After zazen

Every Thursday morning we gather on Zoom for Dharma Brew. We may talk about the Encouraging Words from the night before, ask the person who shared them a question, talk about life, and share our practice during the covid-19 pandemic.


Use the same zoom ID and password as zazen.


Chanting Service on Weekday Mornings


We chant the Heart Sutra and the Metta Sutta during weekday service.


View and download these sutras below.


During service, chant with the priests in the zendo. Take a deep breath, and chant until you have given away all of your breath to the sutra. Then breathe in deeply and pick up the chanting when you have a full breath again.


Practice Discussion With a Priest

Do you have questions about practice?

For encouragement in this time of Covid-19, please reach out.

Chanting with the sangha in Zoom

Chanted immediately after zazen on weekday mornings.
Robe Chant.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.8 KB]
Chanted on weekday mornings during service.
Adobe Acrobat document [61.2 KB]
Chanted on Wednesday evenings during service.
Adobe Acrobat document [52.7 KB]

To receive encouraging words:

Receive Sangha Communication

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May all beings live in safety and be free from suffering.


















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