Parent Practice

Parent Practice/Dharma School


Ashland Zen Center welcomes parents to practice Zen Buddhism.


Soto Zen Practice teaches us to dissolve the false separation between "home" life and "spiritual" life.


We invite you to explore zazen meditation personally, and to extend its benefits beyond the walls of the zendo into your own home.


Depending on the number of parents practicing at any time, we have found various creative ways to include children in the community at Ashland Zen Center.


After you try Zen Buddhism for yourself, speak to the Dharma Camp/Dharma School coordinators about your interest in including your children. 


Below is a description of one of the ways we brought children into community life on Sundays in 2014-2018. This was a "Family Practice" Sunday schedule, which is currently on hiatus.


... While adults sit zazen and participate in service, the children meet for an hour and a quarter, and activities include mindful walks, meditation, sensory games, chanting, and free play. At certain times of year more structured activities take place.


Then the children and the whole community works together for half an hour (e.g. cleaning tables, gardening, moving rocks, filling bird-feeders) and preparing for potluck.


After the meal, the kids participate in a shift of dish cleanup, then have some more free time to play.


We are cultivating each child’s ability to reflect and be present, to relax into a community of adults who are practicing Zen Buddhism, and to work and socialize with adults and children who share the intention to be kind, wise, and courageous in their everyday life.


Dharma School is made up of activities and responsibilities that bring to life basic values such as sharing, taking only what is needed, cleaning up after ourselves, helping others, etc.


If you are interested in signing your child up for Dharma School, the first step is to begin a practice at Ashland Zen Center.


Email Ramana Waymire with any questions.



Also plan ahead for Dharma Camps Summer 2020!


Friendship Mountain

Day Camp for ages 7 to 11,  tentatively June 15-, 9:00-3:00 daily.


Adventure on Friendship Mountain

Week-long overnight camp for ages 12 to 15, tentatively July 20-24, Monday-Friday.


Friendship Mountain Summer Day Camp

Offered in the Summer at Ashland Zen Center. Click photo for more about Friendship Mountain.

Adventure on Friendship Mountain Camp

Offered in the summer with rotating locations. Click photo for more about Adventure on Friendship Mountain