Sesshin and Work Practice Gallery

Enjoy this sample of sangha photos. Sesshin group shots are often taken near or at the end of sesshin.

Work practice is a community-building and joyful expression of generosity.


There are many opportunities to join in! Work practice occurs year-round.

Garden Practice Gallery

A handful of sangha members interested in garden practice join together to plan, till, plant, tend and harvest a vegetable garden and berry patch in the "back 40" of Ashland Zen Center.


This is a separate endeavor from the beautiful flower garden beds found all over the temple grounds, which are adopted by individuals and enjoyed by all in every season.


If you are interested in work-practice in the garden, there are many opportunities to participate. Check our calendar, contact the Work Leader or Gardener, or come to the temple during our weekly schedule and ask around.

A Look at the Grounds in Spring