Joining the Sangha, Deepening Practice

Suzuki Roshi once said, "If you want to practice zazen, it is necessary to have good friends. Then naturally you will have good practice."


Sangha means spiritual community, and is considered one of the treasures of the spiritual life.


Full sangha participation at Ashland Zen Center provides spiritual support and training. Practicing with a community teaches us to harmonize; communicate fully; appreciate differences and similarities; drop judgement, and find joy in connection.


Living life fully is possible when we are fully present. No one can do that for us, but we can't do it alone.


Show up, and see what happens.


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Become part of the wide sangha circle!  


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Distance Students: If you must travel a distance to attend sesshins, and have a sitting practice at home, it is possible to continue a relationship with a Sensei at Ashland Zen Center. This is a matter that must be discussed with a Sensei in person.