Weekly Schedule

Monday through Friday

6:00 a.m. zazen

6:40 a.m. service

6:50 a.m. end



8:00 a.m. zazen

8:40 a.m. kinhin

8:50 a.m. zazen

9:30 a.m. service

10:00 a.m. soji

10:30 a.m. potluck


Wednesday Night

6:20 p.m. introduction for beginners

7:10 p.m. zazen

7:40 p.m. service

7:50 p.m. dharma talk

8:30 p.m. tea

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Sunday Program Notes


Kinhin is an appropriate time to use the bathroom on Sunday. The door will be opened briefly at the beginning and end of kinhin, allowing for a quiet exit and re-entrance.


Dokusan (private interview with a teacher) is usually offered during the second period of zazen on Sundays when the teachers are in attendance. Sign up for dokusan with a teacher on the small cork-board in the hall. See a priest if you have questions about this.