Segaki Ceremony: Feeding the Hungry Ghosts

Wednesday, Nov 1

Please join us for our annual Segaki ceremony.


Segaki is a candlelit invitation to all “hungry ghosts, deceased ancestors, spirits of mountains, rivers and earth” to come and receive our offering of food and chanting in order to relieve all suffering.


The Night of Segaki

The evening will begin with zazen, continue with the ceremony, and culminate with sharing the food offerings of sweet treats and warm drinks in the sangha room.

There is a time during the ceremony for individuals to remember loved ones and light a candle in their honor.


Segaki takes place on Wednesday, November 1. The evening begins at 7:10 p.m. and the Segaki Ceremony will take the place of service and dharma talk.


Bring to the Ceremony

  • A noisemaker or musical instrument. We will loudly invite in the hungry ghosts, who are attracted to noise.


Between now and Nov. 1

  • Bring a non-perishable food item to the Zen Center for distribution to hungry beings in our Rogue Valley. The basket for food donation will be in the entryway of the Zen Center.
  • Add the name of a loved one who has died to the “Great Abiding Friends” list, to be read during the memorial. This list is on the entryway table at the Zen Center.

If you have any question about Segaki, ask the Ino, Stacy Waymire. He can be reached at (541) 944-2682 or