Widening the Dharma Gate

The AZC Residence Hall construction is complete! Landscaping is now underway.


Ashland Zen Center has provided a place to practice Soto Zen Buddhism in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi for 23 years with teachers Jintei Harold Little and Etsudo Patty Krahl. Our sangha utilizes every nook and cranny of our existing facilities, with ingenuity accomplishing a myriad of practice activities in a converted farmhouse, barn, and cottage. 


Through generous sangha donations, Ashland Zen Center purchased adjacent land and built facilities for expanded practice. Founding Residents moved into the new facility at the beginning of 2018. Also through generous donations, landscaping is underway.


Residency is new to Ashland Zen Center. The leaders at Ashland Zen Center continue to envision, explore and develop the shape of residential practice for 2018 and beyond.

Keeping the Gate Open

We hope that you will open your hearts to AZC's residency project. Together we widen the dharma gate and deepen the roots of Zen Buddhism in America.


Thare are many ways to take part, including donations of time, effort, ideas, and materials, as we landscape our new Residence Hall and sangha courtyard.


With your help, Ashland Zen Center's residential practice center will flourish now and for future generations. Thank you!

The Perfection of Giving

Building and Landscaping Fund Donation

This is an invitation to take part in dana, the
perfection of giving. Dana can take innumerable
forms: sending a check; making payments over time;
signing over stock; donating real estate, providing
materials or giving labor. All offerings are welcomed
and gratefully received.

Make A Donation Now

Or you can mail or deliver your offering to our address:

740 Tolman Creek Rd.
Ashland OR 97520
With other forms of giving or questions please contact us at info@ashlandzencenter.org

Architectural Design