Friendship Mountain Practice Week

June 17-21  

Our popular Dharma day camp, Friendship Mountain, is one of the biggest fundraisers taking place at Ashland Zen Center this year. You can be part of this practice! Participating in camp is a unique and heartwarming opportunity to hone and deepen practice. It nourishes both the fiduciary health and the practice vitality of our sangha.
The whole week of June 17-21 there will be morning zazen, service and soji, and afternoon zazen open to everyone, regardless of participation in camp. 
To participate in more of the schedule (in red below), create your personal attendance schedule with Rachel Starr and Ramana Waymire,, and attend an orientation on Friday, June 14 at 1:00 p.m.
Friendship Mountain Practice Week 
Monday-Friday June 17-21 
6:00 am          zazen  
6:40 am          service 
6:50 am          bow out or stay for soji, which supports daily camp setup
7:20 am          soji ends
7:20 am          breakfast followed by cleanup
8:25 am          morning circle
9:00-3:00        camp
3:15 pm          afternoon circle

3:30 pm          zazen
4:00 pm          bow out

* Please note: no evening events during Friendship Mountain Practice Week

Sharing Zen Buddhism with young people is accomplished by practicing with them. We know that developing the stability of character and the confidence to thrive in all situations is a lifelong process that begins in childhood. At camp we support that development. 

Practitioners at Friendship Mountain Practice Week are present, attentive, and patient. Studying ourselves within the back-and-forth of energetic, direct, and inquiring minds, we stay AWAKE. Moment after moment, we ask “What is this? What is needed? What is appropriate response?” 

We will each create a personal attendance schedule depending on our circumstances. It is also possible to participate in Practice Week in support capacities, for example preparing lunches or dinners for full-time counselors or providing rides for campers.
Sangha Orientation for Camp
Friday, June 14
1:00-2:20 pm
Camp setup with Junior Counselors
Saturday, June 15
Contact Ramana Waymire and Rachel Starr for more information: