Fall Practice Period:                                           Wrapping Ourselves in Buddha's Zazen

September 15- September 29

“The proper understanding of our zazen or rakusu is the same, not different.  Proper understanding of zazen is, at the same time, proper understanding of rakusu.  So unless you have real zazen experience, rakusu is not actually rakusu; it is just something which you wear…When you know you are free from the idea of good zazen or bad zazen or sleepy zazen, then you have right understanding of zazen. “

Suzuki Roshi


Registration is now open for a two-week practice period led by Tendo Stacy Waymire. If you have questions you can contact him at stacy@mind, 541-944-2682.


You are encouraged to attend the entire two-week event, entering completely and leaving behind watch, calendar and phone. You are encouraged to set aside your personal work, family life and social schedule, and keep all your interactions face-to-face. If full practice period attendance is not possible, you are invited to attend as much as you can. You are also invited to attend the one-day sitting on September 15 and/or the three-day sesshin September 27-29 as stand-alone events if that is what is possible for you.  


Students who attend the entire practice period will sleep on beds or folding mats, with bed priority given to those over 60.  Those sleeping over for the three-day sesshin will be offered the same consideration.  


Registration for the entire two-week practice period is $450, or $360 for pledging members of Ashland Zen Center.  Payment is due at the time of registration. There is no refund for canceling your registration. Depending on your situation, partial scholarships may be available, or you may offer more than the stated registration fee for this practice opportunity.  Practice period registration closes August 28.


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One-Day Sitting

Sunday, September 15

Practice Period begins with a one-day sitting. Registration for the one-day as a stand-alone event is $50, or $40 for pledging members.  Registration for the one-day sitting closes August 28.


Practice Period

September 16-26

Daily practice period schedule includes zazen, work and study.  Registration for attendance of practice period between September 16th and 26th is $25 a day, or $20 a day for pledging members.  Registration for daily practice period, and your daily attendance schedule, must be detailed in your registration by August 28.


Three-Day Sesshin

September 27-29

Practice period concludes with a three-day sesshin.  Sesshin registration as a stand-alone event is $150, or $120 for pledging members. For those able to sit only part of sesshin, this is $50/day, or $40/day for pledging members.  Payment is due at the time of registration. There is no refund for canceling your registration.  Three-day sesshin registration closes August 28.